Let’s make 2017 your year

We don’t have to sit next to each other for you to learn. Heck, my bachelor’s degree is from an online school!

Even more than shooting weddings, I LOVE helping other photographers build and grow their business. Camera settings classes began in Beaufort in 2014, and I KNEW this is where I wanted to be: educating. What I am able to offer up and coming photographers has grown exponentially since those classes, and I am SO excited to see so many new people have the knowledge for the back end of their business, become legal and ready to price right, and have a workflow that FREES them to live their life. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Raise your hand if you could say any of these things

“I may be spending more money than I’m making in my business”

“I pulled my current pricing out of nowhere”

“I don’t value my work enough to price myself where I’d like to be”

“I don’t know who I am in my business really, or who I am attracting”

“My workflow is not consistent and I’m letting things slip”

“I don’t know how to become a “legit” or “legal” recognized business”

“I don’t have the images to market the clients I want to attract, or know how to get them”

You have the opportunity to make a HUGE investment into your business! Here’s what’s covered:

Not in South Carolina?

That’s okay- you don’t have to be in the state to be a part of this education, but you SHOULD know that there are some thing in this group that won’t apply to you, you’ll have to find a few answers on your own. State laws regarding sales tax will be something you need to look up yourself, as they may be different from South Carolina’s. Business registration requirements may also vary in your own state, and I won’t know that information for you. Permits to shoot in your local city will also vary, so you’ll need to know that on your own. If you are in South Carolina, I am knowledgeable on your sales tax requirements and your business registration that I’ll walk you through step-by-step. Everything else will be the same for in state or out of state.

This may be just the push you need, and we never even need to meet in person.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or destined to fail as you journey down your path of becoming the photographer you dream to be, I’m here. I get it more than you know, and nothing fulfills me more than setting you up on the path to soar. I shot my first wedding in 2014. As I type this, I have shot around 40 more in a two year period. This included moving to a new city and starting over. I am a mom, I am a wife, my husband has a full time job, he’s a full time college student, and I still made this business work on my own.

I’m completely self taught- I picked up a camera and decided I was going to figure it out. I opened up Photoshop and decided I was going to figure it out, and day by day I did. Today I am in a place where I am really happy with the art and the images I can create and give to my clients, I feel as though I am booking the weddings that are right for me, and this year I can say I grossed six figures because I priced myself well. If you’re wanting to do it do, then let’s do it. No excuses, no comparison, no doubts, let’s dive in.

You don’t have to want to shoot weddings, you don’t have to know what you want to shoot at all. But if you know this is your journey, I strongly encourage you to invest those dreams and learn about building the back end of a business in a strong and profitable way, learning your camera and lenses to the best of their ability, taking the steps to become legal in the state, and building a portfolio that’s going to get you the bookings you’re wanting.

This membership includes access to a Facebook group where I share exclusive content (such as step by step foolproof guides to file all of the paperwork South Carolina requires of your business), walk through each topic and discuss solo with you where you are in your journey, so that I can meet you right there in it. Worksheets keep your finances organized, checklists help you make sure you’re not missing any write offs, workflow walkthroughs to start freeing up time you may be wasting, and a network of other up and comings for you to grow with. This course includes membership to this group for 6 months.

This group is set to start up on MARCH 15th. Fill out a form below if you think this is your next step! Price for this education is $200.(Remember, education is a tax writeoff!)

“Jessica explained the gear I needed to order with the budget I had, taught me how to use it in a really simple way, and I was shooting manual mode confidently that same day”

“She is a natural educator which made things really relatable. She had an eye for business structure that has really helped me understand how to price myself”

“I was honestly so overwhelmed with how to make my business legit that I just didn’t do anything. I worried about it all the time. It’s a relief and it feels awesome to say I’m “real”!”