Let’s make 2018 your year

More than shooting weddings, I have always wanted to help other photographers learn to build and grow their business. Camera settings classes began in Beaufort in 2014, and I KNEW this is where I wanted to be. Today, education has evolved into so much more. What I am able to offer up and coming photographers has grown exponentially, and I am SO excited to see so many new people have the knowledge for the back end of their business, learn from my marketing successes, and have real life styled shoots for their portfolio, to be able to show potential clients they are READY! If you’re interested, keep on reading my friend!

Raise your hand if you could say any of these things

“I may be spending more money than I’m making in my business”

“I pulled my current pricing out of nowhere really”

“I don’t value my work enough to price myself where I’d like to be”

“I don’t know who I am in my business really, or who I am attracting”

“There’s a good chance I’m not claiming every deduction I could on my taxes”

“I don’t know how to become a “legit” or “legal” recognized business”

“I don’t have the images to market the clients I want to attract, or know how to get them”

You have the opportunity to make a HUGE investment into your business! Here’s what’s covered:

Hands on experience, photoshoots you can use, and so much more.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or destined to fail as you journey down your path of becoming the photographer you dream to be, I’m here. I get it more than you know, and nothing fulfills me more than setting you up on the path to soar. I shot my first wedding in 2014. As I type this, I have shot around 40 more in a two year period. This included moving to a new city and starting over. I am a mom, I am a wife, my husband has a full time job, he’s a full time college student, and I still made this business work on my own.

I’m completely self taught- I picked up a camera and decided I was going to figure it out. I opened up Photoshop and decided I was going to figure it out, and day by day I did. Today I am in a place where I am really happy with the art and the images I can create and give to my clients, I feel as though I am booking the weddings that are right for me, and this year I can say I grossed six figures because I priced myself well. If you’re wanting to do it do, then let’s do it. No excuses, no comparison, no doubts, let’s dive in.

You don’t have to want to shoot weddings, you don’t have to know what you want to shoot at all. But if you know this is your journey, I strongly encourage you to invest those dreams and learn LOCALLY hands-on about building the back end of a business in a strong and profitable way, marketing to the right crowd, and building a portfolio that’s going to get you the bookings you’re wanting.

Mentorships with me come with membership to a Facebook group where I share exclusive tips and content and answer any questions you may come up with on your journey, styled shoots to give you the images you need to market, worksheets to keep your expenses organized, and a network of other up and comings for you to grow with. We tackle the 9 topics you see above in person and set up dates to shoot as a group.

The current membership group is FULL, with announcement of the next round coming shortly! Fill out a form to stay in the loop! Price for this mentorship, including styled shoots and continuing education is $400 (Remember, education is a tax writeoff!)

“Jessica explained the gear I needed to order with the budget I had, taught me how to use it in a really simple way, and I was shooting manual mode confidently that same day”

“She is a natural educator which made things really relatable. She had an eye for business structure that has really helped me understand how to price myself”

“Local education is invaluable!! There are lots of places to learn online, but shooting with a photographer and learning from them hands on really works. I didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a workshop for portfolio images, I stayed right here and got to learn a lot of helpful business aspects in addition to shooting.”

Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer