This Washington DC wedding was definitely a career highlight for me! Meet Hunter and Kay. Two lovebirds that live in Charlotte that took a chance on me and hired me to photograph their Washington DC wedding! Their wedding date was actually my BIRTHDAY! I had no expectation of anyone taking a moment to acknowledge it, but when my Uber dropped me off at the girl’s getting ready location, I walked into a Happy Birthday song from all of the bridesmaids and a card that everyone had signed! It made me feel SO loved and appreciated! What a good start to my day! Oh and the breakfast at the house I got to snack on didn’t hurt either!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0218.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0219.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0221.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0220.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0222.jpg

Airbnb for the win!! This house was BEAUTIFUL!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0223.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0224.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0225.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0226.jpg

After the girls were ready, we called an Uber and headed to our first stop, the Jefferson Memorial! If you haven’t seen the session I did there the day before the wedding, you can check it out here! This is the spot where Hunter and Kay will read letters to each other, and see each other for the first time!!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0227.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0228.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0229.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0230.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0231.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0232.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0233.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0234.jpg

Hunter caught me and came in with the prom pose, haha!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0235.jpg

Bring in the wedding party!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0236.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0237.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0239.jpg

Hey random stranger, you get your picture too!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0240.jpgWashington DC Wedding Photographer_0238.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0241.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0242.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0243.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0244.jpgWashington DC Wedding Photographer_0245.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0246.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0247.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0248.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0249.jpg

Now it’s off to the Capitol building! Wedding photos at the US Capitol have been something I’ve always wanted to have, and we DID it! Fun fact, we got in the wrong Uber. Woops!

Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0250.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0253.jpg
Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0254.jpg

Cherry Blossom season in DC was interrupted by a snow earlier in the week, but we found a few blooms here and there! It’s still awesome to have a Washington DC wedding, even without them 🙂

Washington DC Wedding Photographer_0251.jpgWashington DC Wedding Photographer_0252.jpg

Now it’s off to get married! On the Uber ride to the venue, Hunter mentioned that he never had the opportunity to introduce Kay to anyone new as his fiance. He introduced her to the Uber driver as his fiance the hour before he married her!, it was his last chance I swear these guys are so sweet.

Is the Loft at 600 F GORGEOUS or what? Hunter and Kay actually MADE all of these candles out of wine bottles! They were a gift to each guest!

Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0255.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0256.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0257.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0259.jpg

It’s time to get married!

Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0258.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0260.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0261.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0262.jpg

After some family photos outside, the party began.
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0263.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0264.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0265.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0266.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0267.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0268.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0269.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0270.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0271.jpg
Loft 600 F Washington DC Wedding_0272.jpg

Thank you guys for such a magical day and for bringing me up from good ol South Carolina to document it, it was SUCH an honor and will forever be a career highlight for me! Thank you for remembering my birthday, for taking portraits for so long and for getting in so many Ubers hahaha. You guys are the best. Special thanks to the vendors:

Venue: The Loft at 600 F, Washington DC
Hair and makeup: Eye Do Beauty On Location
Dress: Ava Laurenne
Bridesmaids dresses: J Crew
Catering: Spilled Milk Catering
Music: Kelton Higgins
Photographer: Jessica Roberts
Officiant: Randy Orndorff